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How do you want to enjoy a hot couple making out and having sex? When the couple simply takes off their clothes and get into the act, it makes for boring viewing, because the level of intimacy you expect is missing. But when a couple, be it a guy and girl or two girls, have a steamy foreplay comprising of loads of massaging, the participants will get into mood and the ensuing sex will be immensely satisfying, not only for the participants in the act but viewers like you and me.

Massaging has a very unique space in the world of sex. The sacred texts of love, the Kamasutra and Tantra, have given a lot of importance to massaging as a means to explore each other’s sexuality. While these texts extoll the value of massaging, a site like MightyRods has put this into practice, and shows massage porn to help you jerk and masturbate with utmost pleasure and satisfaction. There is realism in the porn content that this site offers, making the content very interesting.

MightyRods, as the name suggests, focuses on a guy’s manhood or his rod. This focus ensures that the girl gives the rod due respect, makes the rod feel good and ends up giving the rod the wildest massage through her wet juicy pussy. Doesn’t this sound interesting and fascinating? If yes, then you should surely subscribe to MightyRods. But before you do this, check out the review we have presented below for your perusal.

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Design & Features

MightyRods has a design layout that is quite brilliant. Built on a responsive template, which detects the device you are using and adjusts accordingly, the sites load speed is superb irrespective of the device you are using. People don’t have more than just a few seconds to wait for any site to load nowadays. Quick loading ensures that visitors stay to spend some time on your site to browse through your content. The most superb feature of the site is its color scheme.

The primary background is black and has all the sites content laid on it. The second color is purple and it is used for border boxes and for fonts. The combination of the two colors serves the site well. It greatly accentuates its content and adds an erotic feeling to the site generally. The added erotic feeling is the type that gets you wishing you were part of the action you are watching. It is the kind of feeling, which makes you begin to shoot cum loads into your shorts before the show even starts.

The sites videos are placed in large thumbnails with the names of featured models just beneath them. They are arranged in grid format so you can easily toggle between them. Navigation through the site is also easy as all navigational buttons are placed well and clearly labeled to direct you. The site’s user interface is intuitive, functional and quite easy to use.

MightyRods comes with than 100 HD quality porn video scenes for you to enjoy. You can either watch the clips online or download them to watch offline. To watch them online, you need to stream them onto a flash player, which is embedded on the site. As for offline watching, you can download them onto any personal device in MOV, WMV or MP4 file formats. The highest resolution for the video clips is 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps.

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Girls & Videos

MightyRods has the sexiest and hottest bitches the porn world has seen in a long time now. They are experts in massaging hunks and chicks, and know how to use their slender and firm hands, their supple boobs and nipples and pussies to massage a guy or girl to have sex with her. You may even consider that the masseuse massages a guy to get the ultimate pleasure in her life, to get fucked by rods that are mightier than the sword.

The chicks are blessed with the sexiest and most alluring bodies ever seen. Their boobs are full, rounded and firm. You won’t mind squeezing them for the remainder of your days. Their perfect nipples are so perky and pointed when erect that you won’t mind sucking them through the night. Their slim waistlines are just perfect for holding onto tightly when fucking their brains out from behind. Their round sexy asses will surely get you shooting cum load into your pants in just seconds.

There is a huge variety of sluts to choose from on the site. You have ebony beauties, slutty Latinas, shy Indians, and forever beautiful Europeans and so on. In fact, you have a perfect fit on the site depending on your inclinations. The common feature among the sluts is that they know exactly what will make you offload cum all over their boobs when they begin to pleasure you.

The videos offered on the site are the best anywhere. The performance of the sluts in their scenes is real and not faked. You can prove this with the manner in which they show emotions especially when they approach orgasm. Take Dana in one of the videos as an example. After her brains had been fucked out by Mandingo’s popular monster cock, after he had gotten her to the top of cloud nine, she moans out loudly in pleasure, shakes as if shocked by electricity and collapses on his chest as she climaxes. Will you call such emotions fake?

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Without any doubt, the site has raised the bar of quality for the world of porn, and it does so in style. Never before has a porn site provided a porn experience that is so genuine. The site features some of the most amazing clips to have ever been seen and the hottest and sexiest models ever. The site has one of the best layouts with an intuitive and user friendly interface. Additionally, MightyRods adds in some of the most generous perks and bonuses to your subscription package. Notable among them is the free access to other top sites in its network. This alone should get you rushing to sign up to the premium quality site.

The site is no longer updated. Take a look at EvilAngel!

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