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One of the features that we love about girls is when they look like a doll. Just imagine, smooth porcelain skin, big eyes with thick lashes, and luscious red lips that look really sweet to kiss. These are the characteristics of a really hot yet sweet-looking chick. To top those characteristics, the last thing that you are going to need is long thick hair, the kind that will go along with the lady’s movements, and no matter which way you style it, it always looks perfect. If you have a choice of hair color, though, which one are you going to choose between these two: blonde or brunette?
Each type of girl is totally Western. However, each of them follows a certain stereotype as well. Blondes look innocent and sweet. They look naïve and they embody the girl-next-door type of lady. Some people even push the stereotype further in claiming that blonde girls are more fun that brunettes. The latter, on the other hand, is said to be more mysterious and mature. They are more elegant yet very seductive. You can easily imagine that long dark hair flowing over that white back, bouncing as you take this brunette from behind. Yes, that’s the stuff. Hence, with this, we will settle for the brunette to be the hair for our sweet doll. Can you imagine her now? Can you imagine her simply beautiful face, with big bright eyes, framed by these dark locks? This girl would definitely make a great porn star, right? If the person we have just described is your type of girl, well you are certainly in for a nice surprise, because we have found her. Yes, that’s right. She is not just inside your dreams anymore. She is real, and she is a famous porn star. In fact, she is one of the most popular brunette porn stars in town. Her name is Kasia Kelly, and today we are going to talk about her porn site, which is even named after her, KasiaKelly. We are not going to be so shocked if you have seen her on other porn sites already, or if you are familiar with her videos because she is definitely making scenes right now in the porn industry. In fact, her hard work is now even paying off as you can see; she has her very own porn site already! We have also taken the liberty of taking a look at this list of porn sites for you and have seen that there are another famous porn star porn sites in there as well as those sites that are dedicated to featuring other porn niches also available for you to take a look into. If you are already interested, then allow us to give you some details on the different membership options available. You have two one-month options, one that you can pay monthly (it’s a recurring plan), and one that’s fixed and just set for one month. Finally, they also have a ninety days option which gives you one month free of charge.

Design & Features

We love how classy yet girly the website is. The website design has a dark red color theme which complements perfectly to the porcelain-like skin yet red luscious lips of Kasia herself. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will further get to enjoy her beauty by taking a look at the sliding banner which contains her best and sexiest photos. Aside from the sliding banner, you will also get to see different thumbnails on the page. There are two types of them: one that represents a recently uploaded video, and another one that represents the latest photo album. You would be able to distinguish one from the other by the information that is written on their thumbnails. These contain the picture of the hottest scene that you are going to see on the video or album. Next, you will also see the title of the video (which is usually one to two words telling something about the video like “Stair Stockings”, referring to a video of Kasia getting all sexy by the stairs while wearing some stylish stockings). And of course, the final information on the thumbnails is the video’s length or the number of photos, which is your cue whether or not the thumbnail is about a video or a themed photo album.

Girls & Videos

As what we have said, this porn site is entirely dedicated to Kasia alone so you will definitely see her in all of her videos. We are not so sure if you are going to see other porn stars that will get featured on the porn site, but so far, all of the scenes we have seen are solo ones, where you will be able to enjoy Kasia’s solo beauty as she pleasures herself in different ways. This could happen while she’s using her hands, or while playing with other objects, and even while using sex toys! This leads us to the scenes. You are definitely going to enjoy taking a look and watching all of her available scenes because most of them were done very creatively. In fact, you will even see her wear all these different themed costumes, and use different places as her video or photo shoot setting. In the end, we really give this porn site a thumbs up. It is definitely one of the most impressive porn sites that we have seen dedicated to a brunette beauty online. Remember that this is not the only porn site that you will gain access to after signing up so we also suggest for you to take a look at those other porn sites too. Who knows, you might find another porn star fantasy other than Kasia Kelly!

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