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Femme Fatale Films is yet another sizzling website that has hit the adult entertainment by storm. This is the second home for BDSM aficionados as well. If you derive pleasure in seeing women being cruel to men while being dominant, read on for more details. The slave males on Femme Fatale Films have not alternative rather than endure anguish of dick and balls smashing. Allow me to tell you want to anticipate on the site.

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Design & Features

When I punched my sign in details on the login tab, a deep black home page received me cordially. The first thing I noticed was the warning texts that restrict persons under the age of consent from gaining access to the adult content in here. Since I am a grown-up I hit enter, then porn paradise unveiled right in front of my eyes. Note that non-members have access to tons and tons of films on the home page and there are alternatives to save clips and even watch onsite. Viewing films on your browser is accelerated by a flash player. It is in the members’ zone that I came across quality images. The photos can be viewed on the browser and can be saved in zip sets for offline viewing. It is nice to learn that one can include them in personal libraries or even archives. In point of fact, I am so head over heels with the color scheme. Again and again it is appealing to me. The dark background makes it easy to watch videos online without much straining.

Girls & Videos

Female domination might not be your daily bread, but persons like me can take it on every meal if it were a dish. If you too are a fanatic of femdom porn, kindly take a good position, relax and read along. Material you will see here rope in strap on banging, dick and testis beating, cross-dressing, and homosexuality as well bisexuality. The guys behind this site have played the major part of ensuring you have your desires on check. Femme Fatale Films comprises more than 40 films for members as well as non-members to sample. The movies are accompanied by awesome image galleries. The personal pictures usually display on large and decent HD size, even though they vary from time to time. The flicks can be watched online for the flash formats, and also can be viewed offline for the downloads. All flicks are in MP4, of high quality and have many range of formats. I was awed by the 1280 X 720 pixels’ videos. They have a great HD format which entails detailed clarity. I love the fact that I did not feel bored as they are adding in variety of content every day. Moreover, they upload the vids in sections, therefore you are compelled to hold your horses for about one month of fractional viewing to view the complete film. The halves will stir your anxiety and want to keep coming to check if they have added another flick. Also, this seems to be a good stunt to make the patrons here to keep coming. Passing judgment in accordance to the site content, Femme Fatales Films have advanced noticeably from the ages where glowing Hollywood stars like Lauren Bacall and Gene Tierney would be labeled like that. I am hesitant that the Hays Code would have consented them to spin out a thrash and smack any dicks and jizz manufacturers in their purlieu. In conclusion, this website is the bomb. I highly recommend the site.

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