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The teaser page this time is downright minimal. There is only one girl on there, and granted she’s lovely but most teaser pages contain more. There is of course all the information written up about being of the age required to see adult material and such. Finally there is of course, an enter link to push if one agrees that one is not in any way offended by adult material. There is however, one claim that they make on this page which we will try to either disprove or prove. They claim that they are the absolute best for having adult films and having HD porn series that are going to feature the absolute hottest pornstars. Well, we will see, won’t we?

Having Entered the Site Now We Can look around

Inside the site we are shown a tremendous amount of what could be described as what is usually seen on movie boxes when you go to a movie rental store. The “boxes” are very professionally created, just as they would be on real boxes. For instance the star of the movie is very evident, as is the title of the movie, and on each box is a very colorful picture supposedly from the movie, as all movie boxes would show. Each of the boxes shows on the bottom how long the movie is going to run, as well as how many scenes are in each. The date that they put this movies up is also shown there, and there is a blockbuster sign on those which they rate as blockbusters. A most interesting way of giving us all the information we would want in order to judge if we want to see such and such a movie. Under those boxes is the notice that you will be able to watch hundreds of movies which are in Blu-Ray quality as soon as you join this site! The mention of Blu-Ray quality is certainly one that caught our attention, for currently there is no higher quality available!

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As for What Is Here to See

Next they did something most interesting, for they put down various pictures with a header on each which showed us what their movies would be showing us as far as the various niches they will carry. The niches covered are those which will cover fresh chicks who are just under the age of nineteen, Asians, big asses, anal, lesbians, orgies, big boobs, POV, MILF, and double penetration. They claim that this is a very extensive set of niches, and truthfully, we really must agree with them. Following that impressive list of niches that are covered by their movies, they then show pictures of their girls. No matter what type of girl you are seeking, we will bet that at least one of them is going to suit you to a T. The claim that there are over 850 girls simply waiting to please you within the site is also one that we believe. By the way, some of the girls shown are Teagan Presley, Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, and also Bibi Jones. If you are aware as to what these ladies represent, we are sure that you will be more than suitably impressed.

Additional Stuff

You know when you buy a movie at the store and it is Blu-Ray how the movies often contains scenes not seen during the actual movie when it showed in the theater? In addition, there are frequently interviews with the stars, or directors of the movie included? Well, the same procedure is being followed here, for they will also include various interviews as well as showing you many exclusive and private behind the scenes material and footage. That alone makes any porno movie even more interesting, just as the movies are more interesting when we get that kind of extra in the movies we buy that are not porn! Now, not that we needed even more information in order to make up our minds as to this site, they tell us that all of their movies are going to be in crystal clear HD. Then they also inform us that the girls that they utilize are exclusive to this site. Further they let us know that they are going to be doing regular updates as well as giving you live cam feeds over and above everything else. We must say that we were impressed with all of that, in addition to receiving at least 1,300 extra bonus DVDs too! As if all that we just listed is not going to be enough for you, there is still more stuff coming at you. For instance, you should know that they are also creating their very own brand new original series which will all be created and play back in DP! Further, you will get to enjoy the amazing Hi res photographs that are taken during and after their movie productions. At this moment there are actually over 10,000 of those photographs available for your discerning eyes.

If You Think That It Is Time to Access All This

If you believe that this is the site for you, you will be more than happy to hear what they have developed for you. First of all you will have a choice as to how you wish to pay for it. Joining is simple if you have a credit card but you may even wish to join utilizing a check instead. Various membership plans are currently available, including a very distinctive 3 day trial which runs $4.95. Those who would rather have a monthly membership can do so and the cost is solely $29.99/month. Others prefer a 3 month membership, and that’s fine they do offer it for $19.98/ month. If on the other hand you are truly intent on saving a lot of money, then their best value is only going to run you $10.00/month if you elect to go for the 12 month membership plan! Regardless of which method you choose, do enjoy!

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