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When I was still fairly new in writing porn site reviews, I did not know what the word “cuckold” meant. Yes, it was pretty embarrassing, I know, since I should have known what it meant for it is one of the most intriguing porn niches around. As a man, I really could not say if I am for it, or against it. After all, this porn niche always involves two types of men: those who have been duped and those who are victorious. Cuckold porn though typically shows the poor husband witnessing the said act, and most of the time, even participating in it. This is usually done through sheer female domination or femdom, and because of this, the poor husband will be obliged to do certain sexual actions against his will. While it could be a bit sad for him, we still can’t shake the appeal that this type of porn provides. The reason is because every one of us would want to be the one in the receiving end, or the man who will be able to enjoy the beautiful yet sexually unsatisfied wife.

After all, how many beautiful ladies have we seen in real life end us with dorks, which led us to think that “she can do better if she’s only with me”. Right? Hence, we are going to talk about a porn site that shows the very essence of this situation; a porn site that shows high-quality cuckold porn that every porn fan would enjoy. This porn site is called CumEatingCuckold. We did not notice anywhere in the site that it was affiliated with another porn site, or with a bigger porn network, so we will just assume that it’s a standalone site. Now, before you comment that this might not be the site for you just because it is not affiliated with any porn network, then we advise you to think again. The reason is because you would not need to become a member of any other porn site anyway if you join this one, especially if you are really fond of this type of porn because this porn site is really packed with content, not to mention other membership perks, like free live shows, once you are already a member.

Hence, with this, let us talk about the different membership options available for us to choose from. They have four different options to choose from: one month, two months, three months, and six months. You don’t need to worry about your access and the perks that you are going to receive because whichever you would end up choosing will provide you with the same video access and membership perks. The only thing that these four plans don’t have in common is that they differ on the duration of how long you are going to enjoy these perks.

Design & Features

The only thing that we can say about the website design and layout of this entire site is that it is very effective. Starting from the banner itself, you can already learn a lot about the site and do different things. Half of the banner shows a slideshow of the pictures of the scenes coming from their most recent videos. On the other half of the banner, you will be able to see a wealth of different information about the site. First, of course, you are going to see the site’s logo along with its tagline: “sissy men shamed by their cheating wives”. Aside from that, it also presents a countdown to their next live show (this is why we really suggest that you take a look into this every once in a while if you want to witness their live scenes).

Finally, you will be able to read a short description about the site and cuckold porn. Below the banner, the navigation bar immediately follows. Their pages are very interesting because they present two pages (or two site features) that you will rarely see on other porn sites: Forum and Fiction. The other pages are Home, Scenes, and Models. This tells us that aside from the videos, there are other things that you can get to enjoy in the porn site as well. You can either be a part of their community and take part in their forums. Or, you can also enjoy reading their fiction creations. We think that it is also funny how they have put a warning under the banner which says “Caution: This can happen to you”.

Girls & Videos

Aside from those already mentioned above, we also enjoyed taking a look into the previews that they present on the homepage because it gives us a complete idea about the quality of their girls and videos. They did not seem to feature just a specific type of girl because we have seen a lot of different types of hotties on the site. One thing that we have noticed in common with all the girls though is that they all look bitchy and tough, as if they are really in control of the scene and that they really know what they are doing. One of the things that disappoint us from other porn sites that feature this type of porn genre is when they have girls that look sweet and innocent. This ruins the scene for us and makes it less believable.

All of the girls on this porn site, on the other hand, look tough and shouldn’t be messed around with, which is great! And because of that, we consider this site a genuine cuckold porn site that any type of fan of this porn genre would enjoy. We totally recommend CumEatingCuckold because of its high-quality videos, really hot ladies, and they’re creative yet very believable scenes. Only a few cuckold porn sites understand the importance of all these factors put together, and even much lesser cuckold porn sites achieve in doing so. CumEatingCuckold is one of them so do not waste this valuable opportunity.

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Cum Eating Cuckolds Reviews
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