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Shemales are actually some of the best fuckers in the whole wide world. Just imagine, having huge cocks while also having breasts. That’s one hell of a bonus. And there’s nowhere else to best find the hottest shemales around than ButtFuckTranny! It’s the porn site you go to to find hot horny shemales getting wild and doing hardcore fucking! Chicks with dicks, you’re gonna see them doing all the things that normal porn sites still show, only right now it’ll be focused on these shemales doing everything they can to simply have fun! From sucking a dick (or multiple dicks) to getting it in the ass, ButtFuckTranny is your site, guaranteed! Check out ButtFuckTranny and you won’t be disappointed!

Cheap porn site for trannies lovers.

Design & Features

First off, before anything else, you have to know that this porn site requires people to join in order to have complete access to everything that this site has to offer. If you enjoy watching shemales get down under and get dirty, then this site is exactly for you. It will give you everything you want for a shemale site, for example, you get videos of hot shemale porn, photosets included with the videos, as well as bonus content. By bonus content, I mean that you also get access to a bonus site that gives you additional hot tranny videos. Pretty slick huh? If you don’t want to fully commit to this site and just want a taste of what it can offer, you can choose to get the trial version, where you can check out the site for 3 days. With this, after you become a full member of the site and not just a trial member, you can check out the videos that this site has to offer.

Girls & Videos

ButtFuckTranny is one of the few sites that allows you to watch tranny action just like they do. It lets you see “chicks with dicks”, and these chicks get dirty and get into a scene with men, women or other trannies. It’s here where you can see hardcore tranny action as much as possible. The models that they use range from hot to sexy pornstars (who knew there were shemale pornstars?) to some real amateurs. Hot and sexy is the name of the game with these models, both the pornstars and the amateurs alike. They are actually so hot that some of them surpass even some real female models. Some have long dicks, and some have the shorter but stiffer dicks. Some have perky tits and some have them big and round. Of course, there are not only trannies here but also guys getting it on with the action. You can find many tranny scenes involving blowbangs, blowjob parties, penetrations on both the ass and the mouth while playing with his or her penis and other stuff like that. They suck, they fuck, they suck even more and get cummed on. They’ll ride cock and will enjoy all of that.

Well, coming into ButtFuckTranny, you’re going to notice that there’s a tab especially for the members. There, you can see all the videos, however, these are unfiltered and will show you all literally all the videos you can see after becoming a member, which means you’re also going to see videos from the bonus site. If you want to watch only the videos in ButtFuckTranny, then you have to choose the option of filtering it with the right site. Otherwise, you’re going to be all confused with all the things that’s happening in there. Once you’re good to go, you’re going to see all kinds of sex scenes that are present in the site. It’s all gonzo, no drama, just pure hardcore sex.

These trannies are so prolific they accept more than 1 trannies or guys or a combination of both. One thing to note is that the site actually updates its videos, making room for more hot videos, so you’re going to see more content as time passes by. Also, once you’ve filtered them according to site, you can also use the category tags in order to find the thing you really want to see in the site. You want to see threesomes? Go to the category tags and let them do the work for you. Want scenes where there’s multiple guys getting sucked by a tranny? Want to see some tranny blowbangs? Look it up in the categories. Sweet and simple.

Then comes the video quality. The videos are presented in HD, going up to 1080p, however, some may prefer the video quality that is 480p. The good thing with 480p is that it’s compatible with mobile gadgets, which means that you can see this anytime, anywhere as long as you have it downloaded on your tablets or your mobile phones. Speaking of downloads, you can download up to 4 videos simultaneously, which means that if you want to download multiple videos, you get all your videos faster. Also, along with the videos, there are also photosets of these hot shemales doing their best to have pleasure. All of these have no limits when it comes to downloadability (if there’s such a word, or simply just the ability to download), so feel free to download all of these after becoming a member.

I’m still salty about the time where I applied for the trial version but only got limited access as well. I was only able to watch at most 4 videos. Still, the videos are hot, and so are the models, and that’s reason enough to upgrade to full membership. With that, you get all the benefits of the site. You get to see these hot shemales make cocks explode and make theirs as well. Join ButtFuckTranny now!

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