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African porn is a rarity, it is not something that we do enjoy every day. In fact, most adult sites feature white porn or voyeurism videos from the Czech Republic but now that we got the chance to enjoy the best of African porn through the amazing adult site, AfricanFuckTour, we cannot help but be part of this bandwagon. It is time to broad our horizons and joins Antonio, an African stud who embarks on a sex safari. I’m sure you are shirking your head wondering what that is, well, I am about to introduce you to the same tour of your life. When was the last time you went on a safari? Maybe it has been a while. If so, you will be glad that you came with us on this one. If you have never been on one, put on your best-traveling shoes and tag along.

African sex safaris are unheard of that is why this site is so darn exciting. In fact, many people go to Africa for work purposes or take wildlife safaris. However, the difference between an ordinary safari and this one is that it is one of a kind. It is a horny trip that leaves Antonio hornier than he was at the beginning of the journey. I mean, what are the chances? So far, Antonio has tasted pussies from all over the continent. These countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Angola among others. He ought to be the luckiest guy on the planet. All of these countries are known for women with different characteristics. For instance, Kenyan and Uganda women are known for big assess and boobs while Tanzanian women are highly exceptional in bed. His passport has the most stamp and luckily, he takes us all over Africa so we could join him in his expeditions. There is no better way to kick your day or end the evening.

Established in 2010, this adult site has been in existence for six years but ever since its inception, it has been a solid provider of adult content. The sex is interracial because all of the women are black but the horny guy is white. Sometimes he is joined by his other white friends on his trips. However, those are not your ordinary sexual adventures, they are out of the norm in a good way. All of the scenes are you by the HoHLimited, you will only be able to enjoy the best from this one of a kind network. The network has over 90 of its own other sites and signing up means that you can get access to all of them. If you think you have been able to see everything that the porn would have to offer, then you should definitely take a look at this site.

All of the scenes on the site are reverse interracial hardcore sex scenes. While you have enjoyed countless of sites that offer guys fucking black chicks, this one reverses the situation and showcase black women fucking Antonio and the friends who go with him on the safari. All of the videos come in a good HD quality but as you will be able to see when you sign up, the collection keeps getting better and better.

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Design & Features

There are thousands of adult sites on the internet, but only a few of them have befitting designs and features. Each scene takes place in the bedroom, thus, you will not enjoy any of the scenes in the outdoors. The fact that you can access the collection flawlessly is a huge plus for both you and the site itself. The shooting style varies between all of the scenes with a few of them bringing you content in Pov style. This means that not a moment of fucking would pass you by. The movies are generally streamed in an embedded flash player or are downloaded in a variety of MP4 formats. The scenes vary in HD quality. However, the photos are only video caps. The site has a rare update schedule, it almost seems like Antonio has out down on all of his sexcapades but the site still manages to surprise you every once in a while.

Girls & Videos

You will be able to meet all of the amateur models on this adult site in a hotel setting. Most of them are hookers, understandably it would be hard for random girls to decide to hook up with Antonio and his friends and to add on this, hookers get paid well, and therefore, they are up for the challenge. The sex does not resemble anything that you may have seen on other adult sites, it is too real. This is how you know that no acting is involved. All of the fucking and banging is as real as it gets. There aren’t any take moans from the women to accompany the action, from the most part, they are quiet. Antonio does not use any condoms, therefore, the action is raw. The scenes are in Pov style because he films himself having sex, thus you may feel like the women are working on your cock. For the most part, you will be jacking off because the pleasure is too hot to handle. Even the sounds of the bed springs cracking do not deter them, they are in it for the pleasure and nothing will be able to hinder them.

There are times when the women beg for a pussy lick and Antonio obliges. They also suck his cock and swallow everything that comes from them. Whether in the ass or otherwise, they look like they are thoroughly enjoying their times here. The combination of vanilla and chocolate, in this case, Antonio and the black women is enough to make you go in sane. In one scene, you will see Anabelle, who was eager to get freaky. She was obviously excited for the chance to sit on white cock, and this is her big opportunity. Anabelle does not disappoint, she gets naked for her milky chocolate titties to be founded in pleasure. She then drops to her knees and gives Antonio a cock sucking like no other. In no time he cums as she bobs her head up and down his shaft. He finally blows his load in her mouth and it surely feels like heaven.

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