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This website offers hardcore porn videos of gorgeous fresh girls who are having some fun time with their fuck-mate. The 18YearsOld features fantasy-porn videos, which offers you exciting sex, performed by the best and most fresh girls in the porn industry, like Dilion Harper or Dakota Skye, thus ensuring that you will get the hottest material as a member. The exclusive videos of the 18YearsOld are captured in HD and Full-HD qualities, so you can be sure that you will receive the best quality, and that the videos don’t appear on other sites. As part of the PornProsNetwork, the membership on the 18YearsOld makes you eligible to browse the videos of more than 20 hardcore porn sites. This way, you get not just the exciting movies of this page, but you also get a lot more, and if you like professional porn, then it’s quite sure that you will enjoy the high quality, and the great variety of the frequently updated sites you get access to.

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Design & Features

The layout of the tour page is easy to follow. The top of it features the most important options: first, you can see the PornProsNetwork sites listed, you can even join them by clicking on them; also the menu is featured, which is pretty simple you can go home, login or join, and that’s it. The rest of the tour page features the list of the videos, represented by medium thumbs, and if you click on them, you can watch a trailer, usually 30-60 minutes long. Inside, you can find a more advanced menu, where you can reach the scenes’ list, the girls’ list, the included sites, and also you can list the videos by categories, which seems to be the only real sorting option here. As for features, you can build a favorites’ library, read the blog, enjoy some live cam shows, and it’s a kind of natural that you can rate the scenes, and comment on them. The embedded player that is used to play the videos is simple, and thus a fast player. The online viewing is a valid option if you like to ascertain yourself of the quality before saving a video, or you simply prefer this kind of video playing. The collectors and download-maniacs will certainly appreciate the varied options that the 18YearsOld offers. Also, those who want to enjoy the videos in the highest quality should choose the download options, thus they can enjoy some 720p and even 1080p videos. The videos are published with photo galleries. These are rather large sets, usually 250-300 files are included, and they are rather large ones, you should save them in the offered zip files, especially if you don’t have a too fast internet connection. When you try to open the page on you tablet or smart phone, you will find yourself in front of a well-built and optimized interface, which lets you browse all content easily, and you can also enjoy the videos in the online form, or by saving them.

Girls & Videos

On the 18YearsOld you can find a large number of cuties who look amazingly hot, and they are very willing to perform any hardcore tasks. Those who are a bit more experienced in the online porn industry or just real porn enthusiasts who always look for the hottest girls, they will certainly recognize some of the girls. It’s true, that the site claims that these are amateurs, and there might be some real first-timers videos in the collection, but most of the times the chicks appearing in the scenes are professionals, who have a good name in the industry, and they usually work in the under-twenty categories (though some are over that). Take Dilion Harper for instance: she looks fantastic, and she has such a cute, innocent face, that you would really believe that she is just an eager amateur, who tries to set foot in the industry. The fact is however, that Dilion is one of the most popular pornstars and she worked with large studios too, so you might saw her in action on other sites. This hot brunette represents well what type of girls you may find in the models’ list of the site. Overall, all girls are really hot, and they perform very well, and luckily they are not pushing too hard to act like they were amateurs. All movies on the site are focusing on three things: cute girls, hard sex and amazing quality. We already covered the girls; let’s take a look at the sex. It’s arousing, that’s a fact, and all videos are made to look like its home-made (that’s the main thing of reality porn), but don’t despair, these a professional recordings: the camera isn’t shaking and the place where they were shot are well-lit. Since the site tries to stick to their promise of amateur porn, you can rest assured that these videos will certainly blow your mind away. The sex that takes place is varied, and the couples seem to enjoy it, though they doing it in the professional way. There are also elements of sensuality, but they leave it soon enough, and then the heavy pounding-riding began. As for the capturing style it seems that the folks who direct the scenes really wanted to make it feel real home porn, because there minutes when the cam is on a table or else, and there are long parts in the scenes when they made it PoV style. It’s pretty satisfying though.

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