About Us

Hello from the team of bestpayadultsites.com. We created this site because we felt there was a need of real porn reviews sites providing you with the best premium porn content that you want to watch. For sure you know there is a lot of porn out there; but there are questions we always have, such as: Which sites are really worth paying a membership for? Which sites offer good and updated content? Which sites are safe to visit? Fortunately for you, bestpayadultsites.com is here now, a place where you can find real reviews of the best sites out there.
Our site only lists those websites that really have good quality content. We know this because the team of bestpayadultsites.com obtains access to a wide array of porn websites, in order to get a good grasp of what the website really offers. Once we are in, we go beyond the pretty looking marketing of the site and then we are able to see everything that is good or bad about the site. With this, we obtain the real experience that such website offers to their customers, so we can tell you all about it.

About our team

We take pride of being a very diverse team. Our team (of men and women) includes regular people, website specialists, writers, human sexuality specialists, etc. all with the purpose of finding the websites that offer a great user experience, that deliver what they promise and that are worth your money. That is our passion and that is why we have developed this website.
In order to be accepted as part of our team, every potential member has to pass several trials so we can know that someone is the right person for the job and that is someone we want to work with. We do not accept people who want to favor a particular website, or people who would take “bribes” in order to talk good about a website. We only want people who can deliver a real and unbiased review that will be useful for all our visitors.

The criteria we use to review porn websites

There are several aspects we consider when we rate a website. First of all, what is more important to us is the experience they give to their users. Is their site easy to navigate? Does their content have good quality? Do they add new content regularly? Is their cost fair for what they offer?
We also consider aspects that fall into a more technical fields, such as the ranking of the site, how easy it is to navigate through the site, how much authority does their domain have compared to other similar domains, how many of their links do not work, etc.
There is also a very important aspect that we take into account when reviewing a website, and that is the safety they offer. By safety we mean that any user can use any given website without the danger of getting Trojans or other kinds of malicious software. We also check that they have a safe payment gate so your credit card or payment data is not compromised, stolen or used in a way you would not like it to be used.
We work on the basis of collaboration. We are interested in collaborating with the owners of the best porn websites so we are sure that we will recommend only the best sites to our readers. We want to know that the people behind the sites care about the experience they will give to their users. We only collaborate with that kind of people.
Thanks to these collaboration efforts, we can also provide you great free porn content from these selected networks and websites, because they want to attract more members to their websites and they feel very confident about the quality of what they offer, so they are willing to give you free pieces of premium material.
Also, several porn website owners are so glad to collaborate with us, that they offer very good deals and discounts for anyone who comes from bestpayadultsites.com and wants to get a membership in any of the websites we have a deal with.
However, regardless of the discounts that any of the porn websites we mention here offers, you can be sure that all of the sites that are listed with us are really worth your time and your membership fee in case you choose to pay for it. All the sites we mention here are disappointment free, we guarantee that.
Feel free to navigate our site from top to bottom, check out the websites you like, and if you have any doubt about any particular site, about the deals we offer, or about any other goodie we can give you, don’t hesitate to ask us!
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